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How To Mind Hack A Better Dad

Mind Hacking For Dads

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Good Business Sense

From Ideation To Starting To Finishing

Does This Sound Familiar?

Your Birthright Start

Legacy Vision

How To Create A Legacy Vision

Becoming Comfortable With Discomfort

At The Edge

Most of us love operating from our comfort zone and we’ve all heard that our growth or expansion is at that the edge of this comfort zone. 

Mindful Dads


Your queen is your most important client. Your marriage is your most important enterprise. Divorce is the largest destructor of capital in the United States and I would say around the world.

Real Abundance Is Intangible

Infinite Abundance

Abundance is a mentality and energy, it starts with gratitude which leads to resourcefulness and ends with material multiplication and impact for others.

Maintaining Awareness of Our Intention

Acting With Intention

The power of intention- entire book of Wayne Dyer highly recommended. Start living with reacting and consider ourselves the architect of our lives, enjoying the gap and the journey.

Create Your Legacy

Rule Your Legacy

«Why wait to leave a legacy when you can Live Your Legacy!»

Out Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

Breathe In Breathe Out

Be the calm in the storm, exhale fear, fall back on your daily disciplines

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Legacy Imprint

Remembered for how you made people feel not what you left them

Happiness? External?

Happiness Is An Inside Job

All you want you already have, the kingdom is inside.